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Barbwire Hearts Boutique
6 High Street, Rushden NN10 0PR - 07771 664877

Antique & Retro -Vinyl &Reconditioned Audio
Original and Restyled  Homeware &Furniture 

BarbwireRepair Shop 
Fufrniture &AudioRepairs  - Custom Restyling -Upholstery Services 
Sofa Cushions Made to Measure


Opening Feb 2024 !!!Art Therapy Rooms 

Art & Crafts,Upholstery &UpcyclingWorkshops,Wellbeing,Meditation Spiritual Groups &Workshops 

Artists Workshop Area and Private Studio SpaceHire Availablefor Classes - Groups -Workshops

Refreshments Available -A Unique Space for Creativity and Wellbeing

 Contact or Visit Our Bookings Page

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